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Keeping a record

If you’re legally required to take minutes, are constantly being asked to update absent colleagues or just like to summarize a meeting’s actions in a contact or status report - taking notes will be part of your everyday meeting experience.

All of this can quickly become a hassle and feel like admin for admin’s sake. How much easier would it be to just press record and concentrate on the people in the room!

For journalists this is a true dilemma: in an age, where technology can help us with virtually anything, it is still considered impolite for a journo to put down the pad and forget the shorthand, and just record an interview instead - focussing on the conversation rather than the note-taking.

Luckily, the world of business tends to be more pragmatic and recording a meeting or interview might quickly become something everyone appreciates.

But how go about it? Well, we can only speak for virtual meetings on OmniJoin, where it is incredibly easy to record, save, edit and share a meeting as the host saw it, with or without video, in full screen or with whiteboard and presentations in view.

The resulting recording is saved in standard mp4 format and can be saved locally on your computer, as well as edited with standard editing software.
Consider trying the recording feature for:

- Board meetings, ensuring the people who are the most difficult to get around a table can easily catch up with the proceedings of a missed meeting.

- Brainstorming sessions, allowing you to get your best brains on the creative task and then inspire the wider team with a recording of the ideas generation process.

- Flexible admin, enabling you to have a meeting when it suits and then delegate the note taking and report creation to someone else whenever they’re free.

- Internal comms, ensuring every employee can view the important management presentation (or an edit of it).
You can record an OmniJoin meeting with three clicks:

1. In the meeting room, click on “Record Meeting” in the “Meeting” tab.

2. Select the location you want to save the recording to.

3. Click the red record button at the top of the recording window.
OJ will then record your screen view, including video and audio, if selected. If all you’re lacking now to start recording meetings is OmniJoin, sign up here for a free 14-day trial.