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Ace that Online Meeting – Best Practice Tips

In today’s world, businesses are no longer confined by geography. It is becoming the norm for a company to have offices, clients, customers and employees in all corners of the globe. Communication has had to evolve to keep up and as a consequence, technology has progressed to meet the demand. Web conferencing services are now widely available and are becoming an everyday mode of communication.

So what is the best practice when it comes to setting up a meeting online?

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

It may be a tired cliché, but it is true when it comes to building relations. In contrast to a conference call, a real-time video chat allows all involved to see facial expressions and body language which help make meetings feel more personal and familiar. Meeting online should satisfy the same expectations as a face-to-face meeting, so participants should dress and act the same.

By investing in high definition web conferencing software like OmniJoin, will make for clearer pictures and better sound quality meaning that you truly feel like you are in the same room.

Like a good Boy Scout; Be Prepared.

Online meetings can be organised at the drop of a hat, so the organiser should be prepared.

  1. Know what information to send to those invited; virtual meeting room details and reference documents
  2. Be familiar with the software and the tools provided
  3. Check your equipment and ask attendees to check theirs – get the best camera angle, microphone distance and the right lighting.
  4. Once online, be direct and concise – this will help keep the conversation focused and will stop the discussion from becoming too general.
  5. Have an agenda and forward this to all invited

 Your Tech Friend

Technology can be your best friend, especially when you want to get things done quickly.  Some systems can be troublesome, but OmniJoin, Brother’s HD web conferencing makes it easy with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive support videos which make sure you can get on with all the important stuff.

You can also make use of the online FAQ’s, to familiarise yourself with all the available collaboration tools, to make the most of your web conference. Try the software for free (with the 14 day free trial) to get the hang of things.

Setting up an online meeting doesn’t have to be complicated and with the right software can be a great way to communicate.

Try OmniJoin for free (with the 14 day free trial) to get the hang of things.