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Perfect web conferencing

– with no interruptions

Secure, reliable and easy to use – that’s OmniJoin web conferencing. It’s the perfect solution for holding meetings with clients and colleagues, wherever they are in the world.


Room for everyone

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With OmniJoin web conferencing you can keep everyone in the loop. Host meetings for up to 50 people, including up to 20 HD video feeds at one time.

HD quality video

web conferencing presentations online

Another brilliant feature of OmniJoin web conferencing is the multi-screen, HD video – letting you enjoy the freedom and expression of a face-to-face conversation.

Premium audio

video call software

No hiss, no echo, no delay – OmniJoin web conferencing gives you premium audio for your meetings – letting everyone speak and be heard, just as if you’re all really together in one room.

Easy screen sharing

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Whatever’s on your screen can be on everyone else’s too. You can share original documents, PowerPoint, video, applications or even a whiteboard, all in real-time.

Secure and reliable

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Every web conference is private because, forgive the jargon, we encrypt it and use SSL/TLS protocol to authenticate the servers. Plus, through cloud computing and multi-core processing, we guarantee better reliability and performance – meaning fewer interruptions for you.

OmniJoin Mobile App

OmniJoin allows you to hold your online meetings anywhere you are. Turn your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate productivity tool, allowing you to meet, share and collaborate on the move. Download the OmniJoin app from iTunes

Easy installation and set-up

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OmniJoin is high quality web conferencing simplified. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive support videos make sure you can host your first web conference in no time.

Friendly support

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If you ever need a helping hand, take a look at our how-to video tutorials. If they’re not what you need, call us on + 44 (0) 8444 999 444 during normal office hours and we’ll do everything we can to find a resolution.

Cross-browser compatibility

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You can use OmniJoin web conferencing with all Windows systems from XP onwards and Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7 onwards. Recommended web browsers are Internet Explorer 7 or later, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Record and playback

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You can record online meetings for playback at a later time.


Free instant messenger

Web conference meeting

It makes calling a web conference simplicity itself because you can see who is online and contact them immediately. It’s also great for one-to-one chats.

Personalised meeting rooms

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For a more personal touch you can customise your meeting room by selecting a different layout or choosing the colour scheme from our list of pre-defined themes.

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