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Any time, any place, get the right people around the table with OmniJoin for web and video conferencing – Brother’s new service to make online meetings more professional and simple. Click on the links to see why OmniJoin is so good.

OmniJoin Mobile App

Meet while you’re on the go. Whether you’re on the train, hotel lobby or waiting to catch a flight you can use your 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection to meet, collaborate and share ideas making your day much more productive. Download the OmniJoin app from iTunes

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Room for everyone

High quality OmniJoin web conferencing lets you keep your whole business in the loop – affordably, efficiently and on a global scale. You can host meetings for up to 50 people, including up to 20 HD video feeds at one time.

HD video

HD quality video

With multi-screen HD video, OmniJoin web conferencing makes online meetings as good as seeing each other in person.

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Premium audio

No hiss, no echo, no delay – OmniJoin gives you premium audio for your meetings – letting everyone speak and be heard just as if you're all really together in one room.

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Easy screen sharing

Whatever’s on your screen can be on everyone else’s too. So whether it’s a document, PowerPoint, video or application, you can share it in real-time.

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Personalised meeting rooms

Add a personal touch and customise your meeting room by selecting a different layout or choosing the colour scheme from our list of pre-defined themes.

Better meetings

See how OmniJoin web conferencing can help your business.

Product features

Discover why OmniJoin web conferencing is such a good choice.

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