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What is OmniJoin?

OmniJoin is the next generation web and multiparty video conferencing software and online service for business.

What is OmniJoin IM?

With OmniJoin IM, you can check other members' status and it offers chat or web conferencing with just a couple of clicks.

Can I use OmniJoin on my Smartphone or Tablet?

Yes – OmniJoin web conference can be used on an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. OmniJoin mobile app can be downloaded from iTunes

Where can I find my Product Key to activate my license?

When you purchase OmniJoin in a box you will find a leaflet enclosed which contains your Product Key. Enter this Product Key on to the website page for your country as detailed on the leaflet.

Where can I get OmniJoin IM?

Where can I find the live contacts list?

The live contacts list is integrated into the OmniJoin IM desktop tool; it can be downloaded from the following link:

PC: https://support.omnijoin.com/setup/pc/pcsetup.exe

Mac: https://support.omnijoin.com/setup/pc/PCXSetup.dmg

What can I do with OmniJoin?

With OmniJoin, you can hold a meeting with multiple people with the highest quality video possible, combined with seamlessly synched audio. You can share and collaborate on chats, whiteboard, documents, applications, web browsers and even media files, all with surprisingly simple desktop controls. OmniJoin provides the web conferencing experience that businesses truly need.

How are "share document", "share application" and "share PowerPoint" different from each other?

Share document enables you to share the image data of the document. The application data is transformed to image data and shared. You cannot change or edit the original data itself while sharing. This is generally faster than sharing application.
Share PowerPoint is useful if you want to share the PowerPoint slide show. Please note that animation cannot be shared. Sharing PowerPoint is generally faster than sharing application.
Share application enables you to share the application itself with attendees. You can change or edit the original data while sharing.

Can I check other members' presence?

Yes – With OmniJoin IM, you can check other members' status (online, busy, away, offline). For more information about OmniJoin IM, click What is OmniJoin IM?

Can I use OmniJoin from overseas?

Yes – With a PC, an Internet connection, a webcam, and a headset or a speaker phone, you can use OmniJoin from overseas.

What languages does OmniJoin support?

English, French and German. Other languages will be added.

Does OmniJoin support Full high definition (Full HD)?

Yes – Resolutions of 720 and 1080i up to 30 frames per second are supported.
* The maximum resolution depends on your plan and also your environment.

Does OmniJoin support multiple monitors?

Yes – OmniJoin supports as many monitors as your computer has available. That way you can share on one monitor while watching video on another, which is especially useful for dual-monitor workstations, and in conference rooms, boardrooms, and training facilities.

Can I share more than one file in a meeting?

Yes, you can share several files during a conference, letting you quickly swap from a presentation to a spreadsheet or an application during your meeting.

Is there any restriction to the size of file that can be shared?

There are no size limitations for share application.

What types of files and browsers can I share?

There are no limitations for share application. You can share any applications.

Can I edit the shared files?

Yes – With share application, you can change or edit the file while sharing.

Can I limit attendees to use share functions or remote file access function?

Yes – Hosts can give or take away 13 privileges to/from attendees before or in a meeting. Administrators can limit the function of all meeting rooms.

Can I record the OmniJoin meeting?

Yes – Record any of your OmniJoin meetings for reference or review. You can save the recorded video to your computer and share with others.

Can I schedule a meeting in advance?

Yes – You can schedule a meeting by the following steps.

With OmniJoin IM

1. Open OmniJoin IM using the OmniJoin icon in the notification area.
2. Select the [Meeting] tab.
3. Select [Schedule a Meeting].
4. Specify Topic.
5. Specify the date, time and duration or any other information.
6. Click OK.

Can I use OmniJoin if I don't have a camera?

Yes – You can enjoy the audio conference without a camera.

Does everyone need to download OmniJoin to communicate?

No – Only the meeting host needs a OmniJoin account to start and run their own online meetings. Participants can join a conference at any time with a Web browser by just clicking on a link.

Is OmniJoin secure?

Yes – OmniJoin authenticates all meeting hosts, offers conference room passwords, and supports SSL/TLS encryption on all communications from end-to-end. OmniJoin can support military-grade transport layer security at full network line speeds. You can also require to register before attending to limit and authenticate the attendees.

Can I video conference between the conference room and the desktop?

Yes – OmniJoin can work with high quality capture cards, high-def cameras and LCD/Plasma screens in the conference room, and these can seamlessly interact with users at the desktop – share and annotate PowerPoint presentations, conduct instant online meetings, high quality VoIP, all in the best video conferencing service available.

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